Supply List for September

Fabric for Hearts

(3) Fronts of Heart 11 x 11” inches

(3) Backs of Heart 11 x 11” inches (I did use different fabric on back)

(3) Fusible Batting, (I used Floriani Heat N Sta light batting) could use non fusible and spray with temporary adhesive if needed.  (You could use double sided fusible and use a Teflon pressing sheet when applying)

(3) Dream Weave Ultra 11 x 11” inches

(1) 7 x 7” inch fabric for smaller Heart inside Heart 1

(1) 4 x 4” inch lace fabric for smallest Heart inside Heart 1

10” inches of 5” wide lace - 2nd Heart

10” inches of 1” inch wide lace – 2nd Heart

(1) 7 x 7”inch nylon organza – 3rd Heart

(3) Little decorative flowers – I found trim at Hobby Lobby I just cut off the ribbon and used the flowers.  You could embroidery small flowers for inside as well.  I will give you all a small organza flower design.  Be sure and use nylon organza!!  Then you can burn them out with the Heat Craft tool.  Don’t forget to go around embroidered edge of flower with Fray Block and let dry before burning!!


1 yd ¾” ribbon (you will make 3 bows) this is the wider ribbon bow. Mine is gross grain.

1 ¼ yd ½” ribbon (you will make 4 bows) this is the narrow ribbon bow. Mine is satin. (1 bow at the top to hang)

(1) tear drop with bead on Heart 1 – Again this was a lace trim I found at Hobby Lobby I cut around the tear drop flower cutting off the trim.

(3) beads – for inside bows

33”inches of 1”wide satin ribbon for connecting all Hearts together

(3) 14 x 20” inch of No Show Mesh for 9 ½ x 9 ½ “inch hoop

Tassel Maker – I used Jenny Haskins

Embroidery Chrome needle size 90/14

Embroidery thread to match – On my tassel I used 3 different colors of grey embroidery thread.

Bobbins regular pre- wound or your liking

Pearl & Piping foot

Electric Glue Gun

Turning Tool

Pink Embroidery Perfection Tape

Stitch Perfection Tape ½” inch (I cut mine in half)


Mon, Oct 15, 2018 at 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
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